Personnel Relocation Services and Benefits in Boise, Idaho

Relocation Concierge provides personalized real estate and relocation services for your prospective employees. These services are extensive and tailored to your employees so you can be sure that they are happy in their new community. We serve the people of Boise Idaho; call us for more information.


  • Account management setup with hiring managers, including key milestones and ongoing reporting procedures.
  • Initial contact with recruit - on line and over conference call.
  • Completion of online survey and personal-profile creation by Relocation Concierge.
  • Creation of custom "Guide to the Treasure Valley."
  • Personalized, one-on-one tours of the region, including neighborhoods and other points of interest that fit the profile.
  • Thorough review of relevant material and data on education, entertainment, recreation and community services.
  • Ongoing "key-point-of-contact" for all additional activities including special events and nights on the town for the recruit and family.
  • Post tour follow up with Recruit.
  • Post-hire relocation services.
  • House hunting and professional realtor services.