Relocation Concierge provides a questionnaire that allows us to profile the person you're recruiting. That information allows us to create a highly personalized and efficient experience as we guide them through understanding the remarkable lifestyle in the Treasure Valley, including community services and resources, educational resources, entertainment, recreation, and real estate choices. The time we spend with your prospective recruits is designed to be fun, enlightening, and efficient - we tailor the experience to the life requirements of each individual and family.

Working with Relocation Concierge is easy!

  • Let's meet and discuss the potential executive recruits that you have in the pipeline.
  • We will align your requirements with the services we provide, begin scheduling, and the personal survey process.
  • Upon landing in Boise, we will pick them up and be on call for their tour.
  • Locations and materials will be customized to their personal survey.
  • We will debrief with you after each interaction with your recruit to discuss positive impressions, concerns, and follow-up requirements.
We will need a work sheet for the new arrivals prior to their arrival.